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by Carmen Renee Thompson (with reporting by Ericka Blount Danois)

Ericka Blount Danois

DeShawn Stevenson = Radio Raheem.

Forget new school style. Jheri curls, Kangols, raccoon hats and big gold rope chains were all in vogue at Wizards guard DeShawn Stevenson's 27th birthday party at club Collaborations at the Verizon Center in DC. Guests showed up rocking their best 80s gear and many went for broke, including twins who danced and dressed like Martin Lawrence's TV character Jerome, with white shoes and missing teeth topped out by Jheri curls. Teammates Etan Thomas and Antawn Jamison were party poopers and didn't dress up, but Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas got way into the spirit. Butler went with an old school LL Cool J look in a Lee jean jacket and Kangol hat, while Arenas rocked Cazal glasses, red leather jacket and giant 80s style cell phone .

"I decided to bust some old school moves," Arenas said of the '80s "Wop" dance he did onto the red carpet.

But nobody outdid the birthday boy, who arrived carrying a huge spray painted boombox on his shoulders and flanked by an entourage of girls with big hair decked out in spandex dresses. "It's nice to dress up, see everybody in their character," Stevenson said. "Just make it a different feel." Inside, old school master Biz Markie deejayed, and when he played New Edition's "Cool it Now," Stevenson and friends busted into an 80s dance medley that included the "Cabbage Patch," the "Snake," and the "Running Man." No detail was spared at the party: guests were treated to Pixie Sticks, Now-n-Laters, Blow Pops, Ike-n-Mikes, Capri Suns, and Pop Rocks. One room doubled as a video arcade with old style Pacman and Ms. Pacman, and there were also Rubix Cubes and Connect Four games on the tables.

Stevenson's cake even had a picture of Papa Smurf on it with his #2 jersey. But the real update of the night? Slick Rick, who showed up wearing his signature eye patch, and at least seven rope chains over his growing paunch. He performed several of his 80s classics, including "La Di Da Di", where he had the crowd going and then switched up the lyrics: "You can't have me, I'm too young for you, miss. She said, 'No you're not,' then she starts crying. I said, 'I'm FORTY-TWO!' She says, 'Stop lying!'"

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